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'Glamour and Grit' is a multi-media musical about a young witch on her 17th birthday, whose mother takes her into a dense, lush forest to connect to her magical roots. It's a simple tale with complex subjectsinviting magic into your life, finding your family in whatever form they take, and balancing modern technology with Nature and Spirit. At the end of the play, the characters not only make a connection to each other, they also discover how to use their unique talents--science, technology and elemental magic, working together to save our blue planet.The cast includes Alexandra de Suze, Olivia Fenton, Nicolette Norton, Chris Palmieri, Erik Ransom, Sierra Rein, Jayke Workman and Blake Zolfo, with puppets by Chris Palmieri. 

Nicolette has the pleasure of participating in the first public reading of this exciting work for the Climate Change Awareness Festival at the Dramatists Guild Foundation on November 16th. 

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